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For those of you who already have accommodation in the city or are just briefly passing, Surfari Essaouira also offers daily surf trips which make it easy for you to get out there and spend some time in the water.

The day starts with an introduction to beach safety and equipment, followed by warm-up exercises and a 2-hour surf lesson with one of our instructors. You will enjoy a tasty picnic lunch on the beach before having some free time in the afternoon to practice what you have learned that morning. Don’t worry, an instructor will be on hand at all times to ensure your safety, share tips or answer any questions.

There are some fantastic surf spots around Essaouira which make it a favorite place for surfers in Morocco and our daily Surfari destinations can include those listed below. We hunt for the best surf conditions to provide you with an unforgettable experience - depending on your budget and how much time you have - and we would be thrilled to show you all that Essaouira has to offer.

Choose your Surfing Spot

The area around Essaouira offers a variety of beautiful places for great surfing day trips. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes with gorgeous waves.

All prices are per person and include transport to and from surf spots, 2 hours surf lesson, equipment hire, picnic lunch, supervised free surf time in the afternoon.

Surf Essaouira, Morocco.

Essaouira Bay

  • The city's main beach

A great spot if you are just starting out on your surfing journey or are an intermediate surfer. The beach has a soft sand bottom, it is best at high tide with a light north wind. The entire bay is protected by the Island of Mogador and spans a full 180 degrees. Where you surf depends on the swell size - when it is big you surf nearer to the port and when it is small you go to the other end of the beach near the lighthouse.

Essaouira "Second Beach"

  • 15 minutes to the South

Somewhat of a hidden gem, this stretch of wild coastline is best reached by a 4x4. Known locally as ‘the second beach’, it lies just 15 minutes south of the city. On the way you will pass by the village famously visited by Jimi Hendrix in the 60s, as well as the 400-year-old Sultan castle which is now almost entirely covered in sand. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of Essaouira, the river Oued Ksob and Mogador Island. The undisturbed wildness of the beach means that many birds call it home and you may even catch a glimpse of the rare Eleanora’s falcon.

This is a great spot for all levels, from beginners right through to advanced surfers. It’s quieter than the city beaches so you will have plenty of space to relax on the sand and surf in the water!

Surf Essaouira Morocco
Surf Essaouira Morocco

Safi Beach

  • For a bit advanced surfers

Safi beach is located on the other side of town and has two spots; the first is on the left and breaks in front of the abandoned factory at the beginning of the beach, the second is the main beach with left and right breaks located further north. Safi Beach can be tricky though as it has both sand and rock bottoms, so be careful! Both spots are best from mid to high tide.

The Cave/La Grotte

  • 16 km South of Essaouira

The Cave/La Grotte boasts the biggest waves in the area and is approximately 10 miles from Essaouira on the road to Sidi Kaouki. When high winds and swells offer poor surf conditions elsewhere, the waves will still be working well here. It is best accessed by 4WD, but you can also arrive to the little village near the Cap Sim Lighthouse and walk from there.

Surf Essaouira Morocco
Surf Essaouira Morocco

Sidi Kaouki

  • 25 km South of Essaouira

With a vast sandy beach and fabulous long waves, this spot provides ideal conditions for intermediate to advanced surfers. Surf is best when the wind is light and the tide is high.


  • 47 km South of Essaouira

This is not just a great surfing spot but one of the most unique beaches in the region! A small fishing village, Iftane offers a real insight into the authentic Moroccan lifestyle and you can expect to see fishermen working near the beach and docking their boats as they bring ashore their catch of the day.

Iftane is approximately 47 kilometers from Essaouira and involves a scenic route through the surrounding countryside, argan forests, and rural villages. It’s not particularly accessible by public transport though and a 4WD is the comfiest way to get there. Apart from the locals and fishermen, there are very few people around and you may well have the place all to yourself.

Ancient caves are dotted along this isolated stretch of coastline and natural vegetation surrounds it. The wind here blows cross-on so is gentler than the winds you might encounter at Sidi Kaouki and the water is smooth and clear. All in all, this is one of the most peaceful and relaxing spots to spend a day.

Surf Essaouira Morocco
Surf Essaouira Morocco


  • 62 km South of Essaouira

A picturesque, traditional fishing village on Morocco’s west coast, just south of Essaouira. Nestled in the argan hills and below 'Cap Tafelney’, Tafadna has a long sandy beach and maintains the beauty and magic of a place untouched and off the beaten track.

Tafadna boasts three breaks, usually with just a few surfers in the water. Another wave breaks on a shallow reef about 1 kilometer offshore.


  • 100 km South of Essaouira

Imessouane offers a great experience for all level of surfers. There are two main spots to surf.

The Cathedral

Starting on a beach break with several right and left peaks, it ends on a reef which provides a perfect break (left-handed). Best at high tide or mid-high tide, when the swell is less than 5-6 feet, and the point at low tide when the swell is over 5 feet.

The Bay

This is the most popular spot of Imessouane as the sandbanks make it perfect for beginners. The surf here is best at low tide with a right-handed break that starts at the harbor and ends at the hills for a 600 meters ride!

Surf Essaouira Morocco

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